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Hair Extension Courses In The North West

Hair Extension Courses In The North West
Are you looking for hair extension courses in the north west region, whether to sharpen your stylist skills or prove yourself through recognised qualifications? If so, read on - our hair extension courses will give you everything you need - and a lot more.
Every year, demand for hair extensions increases by a significant amount. And, if you are interested in hairdressing or are looking for ways to increase your skill set, it makes sense to follow the trends. For hairdressers in the north west, we have an exciting opportunity for you to develop your skills, learn how to create amazing hair extensions, and give you the ability to improve your career prospects.
Our hair extension courses cover the whole field of extensions, and you will learn all about the industry and get yourself bang up to date with all the latest trends. We will teach you how to deal with the client consultation process, ensure you can always work safely and offer your customers the very best protection, and, of course, we will teach you the complete art of the hair extension.
Need to know how to choose the right colour extension for your customer’s hair? Want to know which colour method will work best for a particular hair type? You will learn it all at Connect 2 Hair’s hair extension courses in the north west of England - as well as the art of sectioning, positioning, and removing old hair extensions.
At Connect 2 Hair, we will show you how positioning can be used to help you achieve different looks for your clients. You'll learn our theories for the FOUR core application methods, Micro fusion bonding, Micro Ring/Links, Mini Lock Tubes and Easy Shrinks. And you will find out about techniques that will give your clients a completely natural look, give you the skills you need to apply multiple hair extensions to create funky styles, and how to teach your clients the basics of aftercare and maintenance.
There’s more to being a hair extension professional than the fixing and positioning, of occur. That’s why our north west hair extension program will teach you all about the business side of things, too. We’ll go through how to price your work, for example, and how to insure yourself against problems, as well as giving you invaluable tips on how to market your hair extension business. We will also discuss working with suppliers and finding the right products and teach you everything you need to know about forming your business and building a buzz around your launch.
So, if you want to take the next step in your hair stylist carer, come and join Connect 2 Hair for our hair extension courses in the northwest. Whether you are in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston or Blackburn, our excellent courses will teach you everything you need to know.
Don’t delay: get in touch with us here at Connect 2 Hair today, to find out when our next courses run, and we will, hopefully, see you very soon.