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One Method Hair Extensions - £150

Two Methods Hair Extensions - £175

Three Methods Hair Extensions - £200

Cutting Level 1 (Hair Extensions) - £100 - morning

Barbering Level 1 - £100 - morning

Barbering Level 2 - £100 - can be done same day as level 1 if desired

All kits, hair, equipment, certificate, insurance info, wholesalers info, training manual included.


ONE METHOD distance course its just £125 including p & p. full kit included. (excluding ultrasonic).

TWO METHODS distance £145 (inc P & P, full kit included) excluding ultrasonic method.

THREE METHODS distance £150 (inc p & p, full kit included) excluding ultrasonic method.

SPONSORED COURSES - pre-bonded - £120 ( plus £30 for extra method) (for unemployed or on a low income)



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1.  When was your training company established?  CONNECT-2-HAIR was established in 2002, and became a Limited Company some years later CONNECT-2-HAIR LTD.  We have been training continually for 13 years and are a dedicated training company specialising in teaching Hair Extension Application. 

2.  Does your Training Academy really exist?  YES it does, and the proof is on the GOOGLE MAP on our website.  CONNECT-2-HAIR Training Academy in MANCHESTER, is a permanent building, (real bricks and mortar) SUNSHINE HOUSE, 13 REPTON AVE, NEW MOSTON, MANCHESTER, M40 3PN and is not, like some other training providers  in "cyber space"  just conference rooms which are rented by the hour, in different locations around the UK.   TAKE CARE!  Training providers without any permanent address should be approached with great caution.  Remember it only takes a few minutes to put up a fancy website. 

3.  Are your Training Courses Accredited and Insurance Approved?  YES they are.  We are ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) Accredited and Insurance Approved with both ZURICH INSURANCE, COVERSURE, WESTMINSTER INDEMNITY, and TOWERGATE INSURANCE.  Our Training Academy, our Courses and our Tutors are all Accredited and Insurance Approved to teach.   This enables you to obtain PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE to work mobile or in a salon.

4.  Is my tutor qualified?    Zephyr Beau-Bradley, MInstLM, Managing Director of CONNECT-2-HAIR has been continuously teaching hair extensions for 13 years full-time.  She is qualified as an ILM TRAINER - City & Guilds. (Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management).  Zephyr is fully Insurance Approved and Accredited.  We teach on a one-2-one basis every day except SATURDAY when we are closed. One tutor One student at no extra cost. A great number of students who she has taught have gone on to open their own training establishments.

5.  What is in the FREE kit?  The very basics a kit should include are: Packets of human remy hair for the specific method you are learning and all tools and equipment required for that specific method, Quality Scissors, Razor Comb (for blending), 3 Big Section Clips, Hair Extension Pliers, Tail Comb, Fusion Disk, Metal Clip, Hair Colour Ring, Large Long Metal Clip.  In addition, if you are learning Pre-Bonded you will get a Heat Applicator.  If you are learning Ultrasonic Cold Fusion you will get the Ultrasonic machine.  If you are learning Weave, you get the sewing thread, needles and unpick tool.  Also a storage bag is essential.

6.   Does your Training Academy have a Shop?  N0 we specialise in training hair extensions and we give you wholesalers details on the day of training.

7.  Do you give CASHBACK?  YES we do!!!   If you learn 6  then we give you £10 CASHBACK VOUCHER to spend on the day of training.

8.  Do you give FREE GIFTS?  YES we do!!!  Everyone who books into any of our courses at the Training Academy and wishes to learn 5 methods or more receives a FREE GIFT worth £20.    Choose from 500ml HAIR EXTENSION SHAMPOO or 500ml HAIR EXTENSION CONDITIONER. Whilst stocks last.

9.  Have you any testimonials?  YES we have!!!  Please look at our Testimonials Page.

10.  Do I get a training manual?  YES you do!!!  Our main manual BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE has indepth knowledge for you.  Our second manual YES TO SUCCESS explains and guides you how you can promote yourself and your business.  These manuals have been updated and added to over a period of 13 years, making it the very best training manual available today.

11.  Do I get One-2-One training?  YES you do!!!  Your tutor will sit with you and guide you through the procedure of applying extensions.  You work at their own pace.  If any student feels they need more tuition this will be given FREE OF CHARGE, and you are welcome to come along to the following day.

12.  Do you use projectors?  Your tutor uses colour diagrams when she sits with you and gives you a hands on demonstration and guides you at your own pace through the process. Viewing colour diagrams is important for learning step-by-step.   (Some training companies need to use projectors because they have very large classes and this is a lazy way to show a large number of students at once, but we feel this is not the way to go and not the best most efficient way to learn).  We believe in giving students our time and dedication and giving as much one-2-one tuition as the student needs.  Patience and giving our time to students is most important to us.  Quick fixes and quick fire practices are not what we are about.  We want all our students to go away at the end of the day satisfied and happy.  We have been teaching with colour diagrams for 13 years, sitting patiently with students as they learn at their own pace, with 100% pass rate and very good feedback from our satisfied students.

13.  How many tutors?  Practical courses at CONNECT-2-HAIR have one or 2 tutors (on average), so you are guaranteed to get plenty of ONE-2-ONE tuition. Classes are small ONE TUTOR and ONE STUDENT .  (Private tuition is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (one tutor one student), at our Training Academy at no extra cost. Some training companies have 20 in a class so ask before booking anywhere what the size of the classes are.

14.  Do I receive my Certificate on the day of training?  YES you do!!!  We present you with your Hologramed Professional CONNECT-2-HAIR Certificate at the end of your training on the day.  Some training companies make you wait months to get your certificate.  With us you are presented with your Hologrammed Certificate on the DAY!!!

15.  Is there parking at your Training Academy?  YES there is a FREE car parking at the front of the building.

16.  Do I need to bring anything?  We loan you a training head and table clamp on the day of training.  If you would like to take the head & clamp home with you we normally sell these for £39.99 but you may buy the head  on the day of training for just £20.  Most students like to buy the head so that they can take it home and show their clients the bonds at the consultation.

17.  Do I have to pay for the whole course upfront?  We require a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your place on the course and you pay the balance on the day of training.  We have a credit card machine at the training academy for those wishing to pay the balance of their training with a card.  We do NOT charge our students a surcharge for paying with their card.  Some training companies charge £30. Wholesale goods  can be purchased with a card also.

18.  Are you a dedicated training company?  YES we are!!!  Lots of hairdressers shops are setting up training in hair extensions to supplement their income because their business needs an additional income stream if the hairdressing side is slow.  We are a Dedicated Training Company and specialise in teaching hair extension application without the distraction and interruption of a salon environment.  We like to concentrate on showing our students the correct way to apply hair extensions and to remove and blend them.  Salons in busy streets attract a lot of attention from members of the public and we feel students may be embarrassed and uncomfortable in this situation when they are endeavouring to learn a new skill.  Our Training Academy has complete privacy, no distractions and no noisy atmosphere.

19.  Do you offer fast track Morning Courses?  YES we do!!!  Once you have attended and received certification from one of our day courses at the Training Academy if you wish to ADD additional methods to your portfolio at a later date you can come back for a fast track morning course priced at just £50 (this includes the hair required for the method you are learning).  If you need a Heat Applicator to learn Pre-Bonded hair this is priced at just £15.  If you need an Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Machine to learn Ultrasonic then this is priced at just £150 (or you can bring your own machine).  The £50 we charge for the morning course includes tuition, assessment and certification for insurance purposes plus HAIR.

20.  Do you offer Distance Learning?  YES we do and our courses are fully accredited and insurance approved with COVERSURE INSURANCE and WESTMINSTER INDEMNITY so that you can obtain PUBLIC LIABILITY COVER to work mobile or in a salon.  We post your course out to you and you fill in the questionnaire, follow the diagrams, practice your bonds on the training head provided and then post back to us for assessment and certification. 

21.  Are your courses for non-hairdressers?  YES they are!!!  All our courses offered are suitable for non-hairdressers, trainees and those with no experience or knowledge of hair extensions whatsoever.  There is no entry qualifications required.  Hairdressers are very welcome too and find our courses very easy.

22.  How do I book?  Either pay your £50 deposit via PAYPAL on our website, or phone us with your card details and we will post your Confirmation Letter and Receipt.  Tel: 0161 682 2901 or Text a Message to 07773 665803 and we will phone you back.


23.  How many methods do you teach?   We believe we offer the largest selection of the most popular methods of hair extension application in the UK today. 1. Hot fusion (single strand by strand), 2. Cold Fusion liquid gold, 3. Shrinkies Shrink Tubes, 4. Micro Rings, 5. Micro Loops, 6. Micro Wefting, 7. Micro Sew In, 8.Protac Tape, 9. Pre-Bonded Hot Fusion, 10. Pinch Bonding for synthetic hair, 11. Nano Rings, 12. Ultrasonic Cold Fusion (sound wave melting of bonds), 13.  Weave.

24.  Is your Company Credit Rated?   YES it is!!!  We have had a HIGH CREDIT RATING since 2002 please look at the top of our front page.  Credit Rating is important to protect customers from rogue companies and con artists.  The company is checked independantly every day by an independent credit rating agency for your protection and peace of mind.

25.   Do you have a Register of Extensionists?  YES we do!!!  When our students have completed one of our Hair Extension Courses and have been certificated they can request to be placed on the GUILD OF PROFESSIONAL HAIR EXTENSIONISTS official REGISTER of professional hair extensionists, so that members of the public can look up Professional Certificated Extensionists in their area.

26. What does Giving Something Back Scheme mean?   CONNECT-2-HAIR participate in the GIVING SOMETHING BACK SCHEME where we will part-sponsor students who are unemployed, claiming benefits, or on a low income.  The student contributes just £120 towards the cost of the course and they can learn any method they wish, and CONNECT-2-HAIR pay the remainder out of their profits.  We do not obtain any grants from anybody, we sponsor students with our own money from the company's funds.  If you wish to enrol on a day's course with us and you fit the criteria of being unemployed, claiming benefits, on maternity benefit, not working or on a low income just give us a ring on 0161 682 2901 and we will book you into the next course available.  A £50 non refundable deposit secures your place and you pay the balance on the day.

Yes but I cannot afford £120 towards my training!!!   Don't worry we will still help you and negotiate with you what you can afford to pay and then get on with training you, hope this helps.

27.  How often are your Hair Extension Training Courses?  We have classes every SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY every week throughout the year.  Also a private tutor is available (one tutor one student) throughout the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Please phone 0161 682 2901 to book a day's private tuition. 

28.  Do you accept PRINCES TRUST GRANTS?  YES we do!!!   We have been training students for the Prince's Trust since 2002 and accept Princes Trust Grant Cheques.  Please contact the Princes Trust to enquire if there are any grants available for you in your area.

29.  I am not sure which method to learn, can you help?  YES we can!!!  Please look at our FREE TUTORIAL VIDEOS.  The most popular, and easiest methods available are demonstrated.  Watching these videos will assist you in deciding which method you would like to learn.  Also if you look at our METHODS WE TEACH page, the methods are listed, the most popular first.  We are always pleased to help you decide and are only a phone call away.

30.  Is there a hotel nearby your Training Academy?   YES there is?  The Broadway Hotel, Broadway, just a few minutes away from us.  Train Station:  Piccadilly, and Taxi Rank.

31.  I work on Sundays can I come on a Monday?  YES you can!!!  If it is not possible to come on one of our Sunday training days then we will allocate a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday when you are able to come along.  Please phone us to confirm which day you want 0161 682 2901 or text a message to 07773 665803.

32.  How do I know your company are ABT Accredited and Insurance Approved?  Please phone ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) direct on Tel: 0845 017 5090.  Yes it is true, we have also seen training providers putting up the ABT logo pretending to be accredited and insurance approved who are NOT accredited nor insurance approved.  Please remember it only takes a few minutes to put up a fancy website and a few logo's from google picture gallery.  TAKE GREAT CARE and do not book in with anyone, nor pay any money whatsoever to anyone until you confirm that the website and company are legitimate. 

33.   Should I join a Hair Forum once I have qualified?   We have joined a hair extension forum called SALONGEEK.COM - Please join the forum and befriend us, thanks:)

34.  Do you offer 2 day courses?  Yes we do!!!   All our courses are One Day Courses and you receive your Professional Certificate at the end of the days training.  If you wish to come along the following day we offer this FREE OF CHARGE.  Most of our training dates for classes are every week throughout the year on SUNDAYS, so you get MONDAYS completely FREE.  Our tutors are more than happy to assist you as you get additional practice putting in your bonds, gently gaining speed and confidence.  This is of great assistance to those students who would prefer a 2 day course to a One Day Course (2 days training for the price of 1 day)!!! 

35.  How many methods can I learn in One day?  You can learn up to 3 methods in One Day.  If you wish to learn 4 methods, 5 methods or 6 methods then its a 2 Day Course, (all courses have the option of an additional day FREE, just come along the day after). 

36.  Why are your tutors mature?  CONNECT-2-HAIR wholeheartedly believe that a tutor with a lifetimes Professional Experience has a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication, patience, guidance skills who loves their work with a passion.  Mature Tutors have so much to give and enjoy their work 100% and get a great deal of satisfaction at passing on their experience and giving praise and confidence to their students.  They are always more than willing to go that extra mile to ensure all their students go away pleased and satisfied that they have learnt a new skill.  We teach because Hair Extensions are our passion and we thoroughly enjoy what we do.

Take your time deciding who to go with.  If in doubt, hang about!!!

Good luck and thankyou for reading our guidelines:)

THE GUILD of Professional Hair Extensionists was established in 2007 and a Register Created of Professional Hair Extensionists so that members of the public could quickly and easily find an extensionist in their area.  GUILD OF PROFESSIONAL HAIR EXTENSIONISTS,  Business Reg No: 2268043, Established 2007 with National Business Register, Somerset House, 6070 Birmingham Business Park, Birmingham, B37 7BF.



Our ***new*** GIVING SOMETHING BACK Training Programme works as follows.  CONNECT-2-HAIR will offer FREE Hair Extension Training to 10 students per month at our Training Centre in Manchester to qualifying applicants. The student contributes just a nominal amount towards the cost of the course and CONNECT-2-HAIR pay the rest. This scheme is financed entirely by CONNECT-2-HAIR and CONNECT-2-HAIR receive no grants  for this scheme.   We understand that our economy is in a bad state, and it is now time for us all to choose whether we are:  Service to Self or Service to Others.  CONNECT-2-HAIR and our tutors have chosen:  Service to Others.  And we hope that in the future other Training Companies will offer similar FREE training to worthy applicants who genuinely wish to learn and do not have the finances to do so.  All the student needs to do is contribute just £120 towards hair, tools, equipment, training manuals and we will pay the remaining costs for tutors fees and additional costs involved. for assessment and certification for insurance purposes.  We provide insurance company details to students on the course.

We have Distance Learning Courses, At Home Training Courses, Correspondence Courses, In-House Training Centre Courses and Mobile Hair Extension Training Courses.  You choose how you want to learn, and how much you want to invest in your education and career.

There are grants available from different sources, please go to your local job centre (ask for the Local Procurement Officer or Team) or careers office for more information.   We tailor each course to your individual needs and training requirements, and students work at their own pace.

Our insurance approved hair extension training courses include hair, starter kit, tools and equipment.  All our tutors are City and Guilds Qualified trainers and we are able to tutor you at our training centre in Manchester, or your home (subject to additional travelling costs depending on the area which you live and the distance our driver will have to cover).

All our Courses are tailored for non-hairdressers,  and total beginners and who wish to obtain Professional Certification in hair extension application.

HAIR EXTENSION TRAINING COURSES now start from £125 (if you wish to do the at home distance correspondence course).  For a limited time only, includes KIT, certification, hair, tuition, 2 training manuals (including Training Manual 1: Hair Extension Knowledge, and Training Manual 2: Yes to Success (how to promote yourself and your business) insurance details. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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 Office:  0161 682 2901 (if answer machine is on, we are at Training Academy)


 Mobile: (please text us and we will phone you back)   07773 665803



Hot fusion, cold fusion, SHRINKIES shrink tubes, DINKIES micro rings, PROTAC, Pre-Bonded Nail Tipped, Pinch Bonding, Micro Wefting, Loop Bonding.  We also have some new courses these are:  Dreadlocks, Sew-In Trackless Weaving Extensions and Lace Front Wig Attachment (for ladies with thinning hair this is a great hair loss solution).

POPULARITY EXPLOSION   Hair Extensions are Big Business!!!    And thats Official!!!   Join the hundreds of Professional CONNECT-2-HAIR Extension Technicians who are making £££££''s either full time, or part-time around family commitments. Hair Extensions have never been more popular and its estimated that the demand for hair extensions has exploded to an astonishing 40% in this year alone in the UK and Europe.

Hair Extensions are the fastest growing service in the hair industry today and shows no sign of slowing down. Remy Human Hair Extensions by CONNECT-2-HAIR are this year even more popular than ever!!! It is estimated that the UK and European market for Hair Extensions is worth a staggering 30.7 billion per annum. CONNECT-2-HAIR Training Academy have been training students since 2003 and have a very extensive experience and knowledge of a large number of hair extension install methods. We have tailored 3 of our courses for hairdressers and other hair extension courses for non-hairdressers, who receive an inhouse CONNECT-2-HAIR Training Academy certificate and we can recommend a good specialist insurance company who we use ourselves, who only charge £37.50 per year to cover CONNECT-2-HAIR extensionists for public liability insurance so that you can work in a salon or mobile.

High Street Hair Salons in London are on average charging from £395-£1,000 per install for a full head of human hair extension application. All the famous celebrities on TV are having hair extensions installed, and this popular trend is exploding this year, with magazine and media articles, before and after photo''s and hair extension news and latest install techniques. You only have to look at YOUTUBE to see how many people click on to the hair extension videos uploaded by members of the public.

We are now able to teach up to 12 different popular hair extension application methods by our highly qualified and experienced City and Guilds Trained Tutors.

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DYNAMIC - CONNECT-2-HAIR are a dynamic, young, forward thinking, eco-friendly, customer-friendly, enthusiastic and extremely helpful young company who have been trading since 2002. We provide carefully structured, student friendly courses, for beginners and professionals who require certification and insurance. Our trainers are extremely highly qualified to tutor you in the art of hair extension application.

MAKE BIG MONEY £££££ Our courses are so popular we have had students travelling from Spain and South Africa to come onto our training sessions, to successfully learn their new hair extension install skills, and begin to make money. You should on average be able to make your course fees back within one or two installs, and then you are on the road to making money fast. You can work in a salon, at your workplace, or mobile.

You should soon be earning in excess of £395-£1,000 per install with high profit margins as the average full head of hair extensions using human hair costs between £40 up to £80 (for highest grade), so the profit margins are very high. If you work mobile your expenses will be very low as you will not need to rent a chair or premises, great for working your family life around earning money.

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SAY "YES" TO SUCCESS   YES!!!   Being a CONNECT-2-HAIR Professional Hair Extension Technician, certificated and insured, will be a very rewarding and enjoyable career move. You will then be able to work all over the world and your career should provide you with a healthy income, whether you wish to work part-time around family commitments or full time mobile or in a hairdressing salon. You will be able to start making money as soon as you complete the course. Our fully qualified trainers will guide you through every aspect of your hair extension training, helping you to succeed quickly onto the platford of this booming industry, where you should soon be earning great money from this most enjoyable professional. Being a CONNECT-2-HAIR professional, certificated, insured, hair extension technician be a rewarding and fulfilling vocation, working either part-time or full time, and you should soon be earning great money from this enjoyable profession. 

A £50 non-refundable deposit will secure your place on the course.  Please HURRY as our courses get booked up very very quickly.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for salons, and students wishing to learn more than one method. Everything you need to start your new career. HURRY this offer is not to be missed and will not be running long.  Hurry to book your place because our popular courses get booked up quickly, so please HURRY. Alternatively, if you cannot come to us, we may be able to travel to your home, workplace or salon.

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COURSE AVAILABILITY FOR  2015. We run one day courses for  non-hairdressers and beginners with no previous knowledge of hair extensions sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, friday and Sunday every week throughout the year. Please book early to avoid disappointment.   If you are not able to come to our Hair Extension Training in Manchester, then we may be able to come to your home, workplace or salon, please phone us for details. 

 Once you are qualified and successfully completed one of our hair extension courses we will certificate you and then place you on The Register of the Guild of Professional Hair Extensionists and you are then able to use the letters M.G.P.H.E. which is Member of the Guild of Professional Hair Extensionists, so that members of the public can find you if they need an extensionist in your area. As one of our CONNECT-2-HAIR Professional Hair Extensionists we place you on the Register for FREE.

All of your tutors in the UK are highly qualified to teach hair extension application.  They are either ILM Trainer - City & Guilds qualified, or D32 and D33 (A1 and A2) Assessors City & Guilds, or have relevant equivalent experience or qualifications.    You are tutored by extremely patient, friendly, kind trainers who will guide you through the course and demonstrate on a one-2-one basis how to apply hair extensions.  There is no examination to take, you are taught hair extensions on a practical basis. 

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You can rest assured that you are in good hands with CONNECT-2-HAIR tutors, who are friendly, patient, kind, and fully qualified in their chosen field.  You can rest assured that you are in good hands. Always ensure that whoever you choose to train you is a fully qualified trainer, ILM TRAINER - CITY & GUILDS certificated (or equivalent certificate or experience) who have Professional Indemnity Insurance for teaching.   If you are trained by an unqualified person or unregistered company, then you may find that when the time comes for you to make a claim it could be rejected NUL AND VOID, for a number of reasons. 1. Training Company is not  Accredited on the courses they offer out. 2. Trainers are not qualified. 3. Certificate is not acceptable as it is issued by an unqualified person or unregistered company.  All courses must have  Public Liability Insurance for the premises they tutor in.  4.  Your tutor should have Professional Indemnity Insurance to teach.

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FREE ADVERTISEMENTS  Once you have completed your hair extension course you will be placed on the Register of the Guild of Professional Hair Extensionists Register  with your contact details and then members of the public can contact you direct to have their hair extensions applied professionally. 

This is FREE advertising for CONNECT-2-HAIR Extension Technicians.  You may place your website details, phone number, and the areas you wish to cover.

We are pleased to promote our Professional Connect-2-Hair Extension Technicians FREE OF CHARGE to turbo-boost your earnings.  £££££££''s

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GUILD OF PROFESSIONAL HAIR EXTENSIONISTS    CONNECT-2-HAIR Ltd are Corporate Members of the Guild of Professional Hair Extensionists.  This Guild posts a Register  on the internet for members of the public to find Professional Certificated  hair extensionists in their area.   All CONNECT-2-HAIR Extension Technicians are automatically placed on the Register when they have completed their course.  Contact details may be placed on the register so that members of the public can contact their nearest extensionist direct. FREE ADVERTISING for Connect-2-Hair Extension Technicians.

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We have taught a number of qualifying students who have all become successful and started their own businesses as a CONNECT-2-HAIR Mobile Hair Extension Technician which is a wise move to get  on the earnings-for-life ladder.


Our Director, Ms Zephyr Beau-Bradley, MInstLM, MGPHE, MGB,  is a Member of HABIAMember of the ILM Institute of Leadership & Management, Member of Guild of Professional Hair Extensionists.

All our hair extension courses have been independantly assessed as being of high quality content for insurance purposes. 


SMARTPHONE site is:  www.connect-2-hair.tel



Distance Courses Insurance Approved:  COVERSURE, WESTMINSTER-INDEMNITY.